What our teachers have to say


Here you can find some info from current and recent teachers about what its really like to work here.

Andrea Pisors

May 2023

Merry England was the best, first job for me in Japan. As a teacher here you not only learn to be a better educator but a better employee and colleague. Here at Merry England we strive for a vibrant culture that embraces the differences in people. We celebrate them. That’s one thing I like about this company, it’s inclusivity and respect for other people and cultures. During my time here I made an effort to represent my Mexican-American heritage in my daily dress, and during collaborative efforts with the other teachers. This was not only well-received but encouraged. Another aspect that was very helpful when considering moving to another county was what the company provides other than a paycheck. The company housing and car use are a big plus for those considering working at Merry England. The monthly pay is quite competitive plus the housing and car, already you are sitting quite high compared to other Eikaiwas in Japan. Finally, thinking back to my 9 months spent here, I’m filled with nothing but gratitude. Gratitude for the many learning experiences I went through personally and professionally. Merry England is a company that will expect a lot because they have that much faith in their employees and in their business. There is a sense a pride, being a Merry teacher. For those to come, I encourage you to take the challenge if the offer is presented to you. Being a teacher at Merry England is something only a few can say, to be selected means you’re special, smart, and incredibly capable. Thank you.

Brecht Duyck

May 2023

Aki Morimoto

I’ve been working at Merry England for 19 years. I’m now general manager of the school and am also teaching the Eiken course. I was a student of Merry before joining and Ian was my teacher. I remember how much I enjoyed my time at the school and they helped me do a one year study abroad in Australia. After returning I started working at merry, I think I was very lucky. It’s difficult to say without sounding corny or contrived but I love everything about Merry England. Right now, I can say from the bottom of my heart i feel so lucky to be amongst the people working here now, the Japanese staff, the teachers and the boss. To anyone who is thinking of coming here to work with us: I will support you in your life here as I do with all the teachers presently. I think this is a great area to enjoy spending time in nature while still being able to easily spend a weekend in a big city.

Debby Ndjadila

Mila Zviarovich

Hi! My name is Mila, I’m the head teacher at Merry England. I’ve been working here for over 10 years, and I’m happy to share my testimonial for my experience teaching English at Merry. Joining the vibrant team here has been one of the best decisions in my life and is one that has enriched me both professionally and personally. I was warmly welcomed by people that value respect, diligence, and the pursuit of knowledge. The owner and Japanese staff do their best creating a comfortable environment for both teachers and students to succeed. I have the privilege of working with motivated and eager-to-learn students who approach every lesson with enthusiasm. The genuine curiosity and commitment to excellence that I witness in my students is truly inspiring. It's incredibly rewarding to watch the progress and growth of individuals who are not only determined to master the English language but also to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives. Living in Matsusaka has been an adventure filled with unique experiences. Beyond the classroom, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in a rich tapestry of Japanese traditions, festivals, and daily life. The warmth and hospitality of the local community have made me feel like not just a teacher but a valued member of the broader society. Welcome to Merry team if you’re looking for creativity, innovation, and continuous professional development, because Merry England is not just a place to teach, it's a place to grow, learn, and create lasting memories.